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Top Phrases All Hospitality Service Workers Need to Know

Words matter. In fact, studies show that customers care a lot more than you think about the language used by hospitality service workers. The words you choose to use, when greeting a guest, set the tone for their entire stay at your establishment. Using the wrong words, when trying to diffuse a situation, can sometimes […]

Looking Your Best: A Guide to Removing Stains

In the hospitality industry, looks are just about everything. Your customers expect a certain standard of quality, when they visit your establishment — expectations that extend to the way in which the frontline service workers are dressed. Picking out the perfect clothes or complying with your company’s dress code can only take you so far. […]

Interview Tips for the Service Industry

Whether you are new to the service industry, are hoping for a big promotion, or are looking to branch out and work for a different establishment, learning how to interview well is the key to getting a great job. Candidates who impress in interviews tend to be offered more hours and better shifts, leading to […]

Customer Service Tips for Introverts

It’s a myth that introverts hate customer service jobs. In fact, many introverted people are attracted to positions where you get to work one-on-one with people and where solving problems is a big part of the job, both of which are huge features of the service industry. However, the challenge lies in dealing with multiple […]

The Perks of Baking

The Perks of Baking

Baking is an incredibly common hobby. People often bake for themselves or others, giving cookies or other goods away as gifts or selling them at charity bake sales. It is also a great way to enjoy delicious treats for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them at a store or bakery. In addition to […]

How to Stock Your Kitchen on a Budget

How to Stock Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you are new to baking, the thought of stocking up on everything you need to make even one batch of cookies can be daunting. Between pans and mixers and measuring tools, the costs can quickly add up, and that’s not even considering the cost of your ingredients. Unfortunately, you can’t always go for rock […]

Running Your Own Bakery

Running Your Own Bakery: How and Why You Should Take the Leap

If you are the go-to person in your neighborhood or family for delicious baked goods, are the one who always keeps the charity bake sales stocked, and have a love of baking unrivalled by any other hobby, you may be thinking about making a pretty serious career change. Running your own bakery is a very […]

Bakery equipment

Baking Tool Maintenance Tips and Tricks

As a baker, your tools are a serious investment. For many bakers, it takes years to acquire their preferred products and equipment. Once you have the perfect tools for the job, your cookies and other baked goods do taste better. This is because higher quality equipment is more precise than cheaper brands. However, these products […]

Preparing to Interview for a Teaching Position

Teaching roles demand a range of skills, from lesson preparation to communication with parents and senior management. In this article, you will learn the questions typically asked of applicants applying for a teaching role and how to provide suitable answers. This article will also be relevant to anyone applying for a role that entails working […]

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