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Factors to consider before becoming a homestay host in the USA

In this article, you are going to learn about the qualities needed for you to become a homestay host as well as information on what is required, who can be one, things you need to consider before becoming a host, and the general challenges presented by hosting. While there could be advantages to be gained […]

Becoming a Certified Homestay Host in the USA

The idea of homestay is a product of advances made on the communications technology front. This technology has shifted things in such a manner that the provision of services is no longer just the preserve of huge corporations. This shift is allowing ordinary people to offer services that in the past would have only been […]

Bridal Hairstyling: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Despite training as a bridal hairstylist and putting your best effort into your business, something is bound to go wrong. Nothing runs smoothly 100% of the time. Instead of getting caught off guard when things fail to go according to plan, you should prepare yourself. Think about the things that could go wrong and take […]

Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Bridal Hairstyling Business

It takes more than positive word of mouth advertising to build a client base. Reaching out and attracting new clients is the best way to ensure your business is successful. It also helps you sustain a referral basis and may even keep you busy enough to earn a full-time income. Marketing can seem overwhelming and […]

How to Keep Your Bridal Hairstyling Business Thriving in the Off-Season

Once you have established a robust customer base, styling bridal hair can be a thriving business during wedding season. This “season” runs from about May until mid-September and is the most lucrative time of year for almost all wedding vendors, regardless of individual services offered. More weddings take place during this time than the rest […]

Organization Tips for Small Business Owners

Running your own freelance business can be very difficult, especially when it comes to keeping track of important deadlines, documents and paperwork. Many new companies fail within the first year because the entrepreneur in question was too disorganized. If your accounting, invoicing and other pieces of paperwork are not in order, it can create a […]

Makeup Advice for Brides with Skin Conditions

Throughout your career as a bridal makeup artist, you are likely going to encounter brides with a variety of skin types. For the most part, dealing with oily, rough, or extremely dry skin is going to be the biggest challenge you face. Working with these skin types typically involves switching the kind of moisturizer, concealer, […]

Guide to Setting Your Prices for Freelance Bridal Makeup Artists

As you start to develop your freelance bridal styling company, there are many tasks you need to consider. Everything from coming up with a name, to purchasing your supplies, to developing a marketing strategy, is important. In all this excitement, it is easy to overlook one very crucial aspect – setting your prices. You should […]

Recommended Hardware for Your Mining Rig

The topic of mining cryptocurrency can be a highly divisive one. Some people insist that they are capable of making large sums of money from this type of operation. Others believe that the only way to earn an income mining is to join a pre-established group after you have spent thousands upgrading your hardware. People […]

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