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Which Wallet is Best: Hardware, Paper, or Software?

Before you can use, trade, or invest in cryptocurrency, you need to determine how you are going to store it for use. Most of the time, you keep your cryptocurrency attached to your personal address. However, if you want to spend it, invest it, or give it to a third party, you need to store […]

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment or About to Burst?

One of 2017’s fastest growing global assets was Bitcoin. Its value skyrocketed throughout the past two years, with many success stories filling the news. The popularity of the digital asset has even hit the UK, with many pubs and restaurants in London advertising to their customers that they accept Bitcoin. It is still a niche […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mining Pools or Guilds

Whether you are just starting to mine or you have been mining on your own for a while, you may have heard of cryptocurrency mining pools or guilds. These are groups of individuals who pool together their computer processing power, hoping to increase the collective hash rate and splitting the proceeds evenly among everyone in […]

Avoiding a Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme

Many people are reluctant to start using or investing in cryptocurrency. They are worried that it is a pyramid or Ponzi-type scheme, set up to profit the developers while taking money from others. This is a very valid fear, as there have been a few types of currencies that have fizzled out, resulting in huge […]

Famous Zen Gardens around the World

A Zen garden, also known as a Japanese rock garden, is a dry landscape garden that is perceived and fashioned by the reflective motivation of the gardener. While there are no rules that restrict plants and water features, many gardeners exclude them and build the garden from rocks and gravel to induce emptiness through concept. […]

Koi Ponds and Their Symbolism in Japanese Zen Gardens

To this day, koi fish are a shared symbol in both Japanese and Chinese culture. Koi fish appear in artwork, tattoos, clothing and more! However, not many know what these fish symbolize. Common Symbolism Several of the characteristics of the koi represent numerous lessons and trials individuals often face in life. The koi fish has […]

Benefits of Zen Gardening

Originating in India, Zen is a way of thinking that has become deeply integrated into the Japanese culture. Individuals who follow Zen believe that perfection is unobtainable and is why simplicity is idyllic. They also believe that tranquility and spirituality should be valued. Some Zen monks created a living by building Zen gardens. There is […]

Why Gaining a New Qualification can be Easier than You Think

Online learning has become a gateway for you to increase your qualifications, change careers, or get a better job. It is the very reason that gaining a new qualification is easier than you may remember or often think about. Many strides have been made to make online learning trustworthy, worthwhile, and recognised by companies and […]

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