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5 Ways Online Cleaner Training can Boost your Earning Potential

Online cleaner training is available for owners as well as training employees. Whether you wish to increase your earning potential as the sole employee and owner or you wish to have help from employees you can. With the online cleaner training available to you, there are skills, tips, and suggestions that help you increase your […]

Online Learning: The Gateway to a Better Career

Busy lives make it difficult to change your career or do they? In the past, before the Internet, you could definitely say that changing careers was difficult. Most people could not afford to give up their current jobs in pursuit of a new career based on the costs for receiving new education and training for […]

Module 2: Working as an EYFS Teacher

Summary/What you will learn An overview of Early Years Foundation Stage teaching What you can expect from an EYFS teaching career Requirements, qualifications and useful skills Information about your day to day tasks and your working environment The importance of continuing professional development 2.1 Module Introduction An Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teacher is an […]

Mindfulness for Children

Encouraging children to practise mindfulness can really benefit them. Stress in children It is a well-recognised fact that children are under more stress than ever. While the highest levels are found in teenagers, children of all ages can experience stress and distress. This can have detrimental effects, as a study by the University of Florida […]

Module 1: Introduction to EYFS Teaching and Early Years of Childhood Development

Summary/What you will learn The importance of education in early childhood Areas of learning Creating educational programmes How to assess children in your care The main stages of childhood development, including expected developmental milestones 1.1 Course Introduction The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets educational standards relating to the development of children from birth to […]

Cultural Insensitivity and Bullying: How to Turn it Around

Schools should be safe havens for all children, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, culture, race, or sexual orientation. What is more, it is at school that young people learn firsthand about multiculturalism, the beautiful variety of backgrounds and beliefs that exist and how they can mix together non-violently, whilst celebrating those differences, not punishing them. […]

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