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Saffron Gee
I am so glad I chose this course

I was desperate to get out of my current job but didn't quite have the right skills to move on to another job. I am so glad I chose this course as it has allowed me to gain much needed skills and opened many doors in my career development.

Jo Debbage-lodge

I love the course very straight forward. Would love to know if there are any more courses available like this for advancement. Everything is clearly explained and if you get in trouble there is a helpline you can call. There should be more courses like this available online to benefit those people that want to go to work in their chosen field but are unable to pay for a program at college or else where. Well done and thank you for allowing me to pursue my interest and hopefully a career at the end of my studying.

Lindsay Todd

The course is simple and easy to follow, the videos are a great way to see it all in action, the pictures are a great way for you to get some inspiration too especially with the nail art. I have referred this course to a friend already.

Fiona Baker
Brierly Hill

I have just complete the nail technician diploma award and delivered professional manicures and nail extensions to my friends and family who are very pleased with their treatments! The course was easy to follow and fun to do!

Gina Amron

I am so happy I decided to take this course I would not be where I am now without it.
Nail diploma school has taught me so much I have a much better understanding of how to start my business and run is successfully.
Even employers are begging to have me and my clients are swarming after I learnt how to advertise better. A big thanks.

Mike Satchell

I found this course very useful. It covers the all categories of cleaning and goes in to great detail without being overwhelming. Its a clean and easy to use step by step interface that glides you through the modules. If you want to take more time and revise in your own time without access to the internet, the PDF viewer and print functions are a great feature. This course has helped me gain the new knowledge of this industry and will be the first step towards a great career. There is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to cleaning and I have an even bigger appreciation for an industry which is vital to millions and widely under appreciated. Thank you British Cleaning Certificate for the excellent service!

Monica Carter

Brilliant course. As a busy ,working mum this course gave a chance to change my career but it also gave me a chance to study in my own free time. Very easy wording, education videos, important information you can't find online. The brilliant thing is that even after finishing the course you still can go back to your modules and view the videos again. The help from assistants is great. The minute I contacted them with question they always responded very quickly and professionally.

John Grover
John Glover
Comprehensive but manageable.

To be honest I was sceptical at first. There are many online courses to choose from but what intrigued me the most about this course is the number of modules (22 of them). This appeared to be more detailed than others. The reason I took this course is because I started a new role as a support tutor for a large training company. I already had some experience in working with learners who had special needs and learning difficulties but wanted more in-depth knowledge and tips to support my delivery. I also wanted to know more on the legal of side of SEN too. The course was offered at a large discount that did give me concerns! But I took the plunge and have been pleasantly surprised on how well it's been written and presented in manageable bite-size chunks. I was planning to study about a couple of hours a night but once I started I found it difficult to stop. It took me about 3 days to complete. The information is comprehensive but manageable. You can tell the person/persons who wrote this have a passion for supported learning and give practical strategies to support SEN and care about their sector and want to share their passion. Highly recommended study material. 🙂

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Tracey Boyce
I couldn't stop reading

Just writing to congratulate your team for putting this course together. I have been Training with SEN for a year as a trainee and fallen in love with this profession and the development of children in early years. I have had some professional in house training but i really enjoyed this course thank so much i needed a way to prove the some of my gained knowledge for my self as a single mum working so hard i am in tears this morning with joy thank so much i have lot of work to with our children with revisited knowledge and insight knowledge what bank of information to come back to when i need refreshing

Thank you This course was amazing I couldn't stop reading Like a hungry child

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Ashliegh Bell
Absolutely Terrific

I think the Admin and PA Diploma course is absolutely terrific. It gives candidates the chance to develop their skills in the PA and Administration field along with gaining some valuable personal skills along the way. It has given me the boost that I needed to be considered for different job roles in the Administration field and without this my CV would not look as good to potential employers. Giving people the chance to succeed at something they really want to be a part of makes this course brilliant in every way. The layout of each module is set out superbly !

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Natasha Brinn
Leigh On Sea
Easy to use

This course has been such a great help in my new career path as a PA. When I was job hunting before, I was having no luck, however now I have interested daily for PA roles all because of my new qualification. Easy to use at my own pace. Thanks!

Nicola Hovell

Very Informative course, breaks everything down easily into simple steps.Thank you.

David Sanchez

Excellent course. I enjoyed doing this course and I highly recommend it to everybody that start in the cleaning industry. Thank you very much.

Mia James

I have started this course only 1 day ago and I cant stop studying. The information is very informative. I like the way the course gives you time to practice to get the skill right before you move onto the next subject.

I am looking forward to completing the course so I can start doing the nails properly. Highly Recommended.

Leanne Dormer
High Wycombe

This course is incredibly helpful and easy to understand to start off a career in event planning. The case studies give you an insight into the real world of this role and not just the "shiny exterior". I'm loving this course and cannot wait to use the knowledge that I have gained in the [hopefully not so distant] future!

Gemma Espejo-Degraph

I've only just started this course but already the content layout and info are spot on. I was only going to do the 1st module the evening I got it but four hours later I had almost completed four! I just couldn't put it down. I have just finished an online aromatherpy course but the massage section was vague so this complements it perfectly I would recommend to anyone. I will be using this as a business but it's also perfect for people to learn for friends and family! So glad I found it. Thank you

Stacey Garside

Amazing course with so much detail. All the modules are easy to read and flow from one subject to the next. It was really easy to enrol on the course too and I received my log in information the same day that I enrolled. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to pursue a course in floristry.

Kiriaki Mitrou

Great course!!I have learnt everything I need to become a nail technician!with many photos and videos and with many instructions leaves you with no questions at all!!I definitely suggest this course!!

Kirsty Jefford

I am about half way through my course now and it is just fantastic. Such an easy way for learning and studying from home in my circumstances is the best option for me. Very helpful when I have needed help and such a brilliant course to follow..

Abidemi Bewaji

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Is there anyone still thinking about doing the course? Dont think. Buy the course and just do it. Very Interesting course. I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this in 1 month, But I was wrong. I was totally Glued to my computer that I forgot my lunch. I am happy I bought this course and I passed the course, and I have printed my certificate. What else could you ask for? They even would allow you use their Business Logo on your website makes it so professional. You also get templates of almost everything you would need to start a new company from Business cards to flyers. All I can say is Thanks for the great course and great give away templates.

I will recommend this over and over again.....

James Marsh

Really friendly, easy to use programme.
We used this system to train people who use our day centre. They sat the exam and those that passed received their certificates which they loved. We then published this on peoples CV's to help them find work.
Its a really friendly, easy to use programme which I would recommend.

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Justina Pavliukoviciene

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to be a nail technician! The course is very interesting, helpful and detailed. I have enjoyed every module and very very soon I'll have a certificate! Highly recommend!

Cherish King
Milton Keynes

Great course worth the money very detailed yet easy to understand and all official with a certificate at the end it's very interesting and fun

Kelly Goulding

Amazing course! Clear training videos and everything you need to know to become a nail tech! I'm so pleased I decided to do this. It's put me on track to work for myself and own my own business