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Which courses can I buy?
You can buy a voucher for any one of the courses listed on our site.

Is there anything else to pay?
No. Once you have paid for your voucher, there are no further costs. A free certificate is issued at the end of the course. If the student wishes for a copy of the certificate to be sent by post, then there is an additional cost of £10 for this.

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Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email with details of your account. You can then log in and download/print a copy of your voucher.

How long is the voucher valid for?
Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

How can the voucher be redeemed?
The voucher can be redeemed by following the instructions printed on the voucher or by visiting this page: https://newskillsacademy.com/redeem-a-voucher/

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